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Presentation and Review of the Findings and Related Recommendation of the City Downtown Plan Based Upon the Current Plan Development and Related Public Comments - Darin Bell, Babcock Design


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Meeting History

Aug 18, 2020 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Rob Cottle and Darin Bell gave a presentation of the findings and recommendations of the City Downtown Plan. The presentation included overall response from those viewing the downtown plan. The overall response was 606 visits with 1,903 form submissions and 2,230 page views. The presentation also included which architectural images were the most favorable and which ones were the least favorable. The presentation included what textures and finishes were the most liked. One of the most liked aspects of the downtown plan was to have some type of interactive water space.

Mayor Corona stated that he was glad that transit stops were being thought about and possibly incorporating them into the design. Council Member Flores asked if on long walkways if having a planter gives a more welcoming feeling. Rob stated that the more streetscape you have the better but it is how you activate it that is important.

Rob stated that the final stage will be to help come up with the form based code ordinance that will define what will be approved use for the area over a conditional use. Rob stated that once the code is established architectural guidelines will be given to developers that will incorporate a number of elements that were selected during this process. The goal of the Downtown development is to make the area walkable while also being a vibrant destination community.