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Discussion and Decision to Select the Candidates for the Wells Rural Electric Company 2020 Ballot for Members of the Board of Directors


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  2. WREC 2020 Ballot - 8-18-20


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Meeting History

Aug 18, 2020 7:00 PM Video City Council Regular Meeting

Council Member Anderson disclosed that he will not partake in the discussion as he is one of the candidates for the Wells Rural Electric Board of Directors.

Chris Melville stated that given the disclosure and the two absent Council Members we will put this item on the next agenda for approval and ratification.

Mayor Corona stated that in the past we have generally selected the incumbents which he is fine with but he would like to consider Dale Lotspeich also. Council Member Holm stated that she would like to select Jerry Anderson and she is fine with the other incumbents as well as Dale Lotspeich. Council Member Flores stated that he would also like to select Jerry Anderson and he is okay with either the incumbents or selecting Dale Lotspeich also. Mayor Corona stated that experience is important. Chris stated that he has some direction so the ballot will be filled out and delivered by the due date with ratification of the ballot at the next meeting.